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This is Vivekanandareddy, Research scientist, Investigator and research person. I like very much to research and investigating, I started my personal research in 2006 and I named INERNATIONAL ADVANCED RESEARCH, it is a worldwide research.
We are trying to explore and invent the advanced things, discover the old things, people are back word in these advanced research things and modern technology, many peoples don’t know the advanced things, so we are educate the peoples and explain to the peoples, what is advanced technology, how it is useful, how it is converts to normal life.

Many more countries are doing these researches, advanced technologies for their country’s developing and improvement procedures, many NGO’s are also doing these researches at worldwide for exploring many things.

Many countries are already forwarded by these researches, they find out many advanced things, these are useful for their countries developing procedures.

India is now started a developing, because many researchers and scientists are migrated, so we are late to developing. So I am trying to do something for country developing.
We want to see India is the top most country in the advanced research things, so I started these mission, and establishment procedures, any find outs and discoveries are open type, all these copies are sent to government of India and state governments for improving our technology.

It is a real entity research community project, to establish these research community And explore the many advanced research things, it is open type research center And community.
We are trying develop the advanced research things to stop the diseases transmission, it is very important research, because we are suffering from many transmit diseases, so we want to start this research.
We are trying to explore and research the foreign and alien signals by the signal analysis     for communicate other planet survivors. To establish the alien’s    laboratory for storage and UN known things identification and observation procedures.it is a very advanced research. We are explore the living microbes and other microorganisms by the microbial biotechnology. And also we find out the new organisms.
We want to research the biosafety, biodiversity wings and find out the better solutions to improve our innovations. Modify and developed the agricultural techniques for formers and better living, Research and identify the agriculture diseases, and find out the better solutions, research the agricultural fields.
We want to research the forest plants and animals, rare plants and animals and protection procedures, because our life is linked with these ones.
We want research the geology and archaeology projects, to explore the many things, these are also very useful for our future better living. To improve and modify our technology,
We are ready to handle the unknown events. To design and build up the Safe Zone techniques for handle the unknown events. We are trying to research and stable our climates and climate temparaturatures on climate change research. And also we are ready handle the many things means disaster control.
To suggest the government modification and improved our old techniques. (Research copy’s sent to government of India and state governments).
We collaborate worldwide researchers, worldwide universities for better research and technology. To research the climate change and manipulate the worldwide data.
Wait for my assistance

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